Martin made me go and buy shoes for work!

Not my blog this time, but from MSE Archna, who as part of her arduous work, I forced to go and research shoe discounts for the weekly e-mail. Over to Archie…

“I can’t deny it, pretty shoes make my heart flutter and blood pound. So when Martin needed someone to check out a potential loophole at posh shoe shop Kurt Geiger, I was straight out the door. The deal was, buy a copy of magazine Elle for £3.50 and get a £15 gift card to spend in-store. What we needed to find out was if more than one gift card could be used per transaction: if so this was going to be a MAJOR loophole for the weekly email. I knew my MoneySaving credibility was depending on this, so armed with four copies of Elle (paid for by Martin of course!) and my most charming smile, I headed to the mammoth Westfield centre on my mission, convinced I would succeed.

Now, I hadn’t realised you had to register the cards online so I nipped to the Apple store on the way to nick the internet and register the cards. First obstacle: you can only register one card per email address, but I sneakily used a couple of spare ones with success.

After chatting up the sales assistant and tottering around in some fierce heels I picked the cheapest shoes I could find (for £55) and went in for the kill, handing over the four giftcards and my (cashback) credit card in one go. Just when I thought I was going to get away with it, my new BFF handed them back and shook her head. Sadly no amount of sweet talking could change her mind, even when I pointed out the ts and cs didn’t forbid it. Back to MSE Towers it was, red-faced and minus the free shoes. Still, being paid to try on shoes is never a bad thing!”

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