It’s Official! Stripy Shirts Are Fashionable

Friends, enemies, site users, viewers, profile writers, colleagues, relatives, broadcasters and somewhere I’m sure even farm yard animals have taken the mickey out of my stripy shirts. Yet I’ve weathered the storm, and remained as faithful to them as stamp adhesive.

True, I do now throw in a few plain-styled tapered shirts just for variety, but my wardrobe of more than 50 striped varieties remains relatively unblemished (well, once they’re out of the wash).

Now you may be thinking that fashion and Martin Lewis go together like pigeons and decaf coffee, yet not any more – according to the Independent I’ve made it to the top 100 most influential people in the world of fashion (online… but hey).

So without further ado, with the power vested in me as the 25th most influential person of trend (online). I’d like to pronounce the stripey shirt as the number one fashion statement of the next five years. Zebras, Tigers and ladies who publically undress (stripers…) our time has come!

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