An episode of exemplary Customer Service.

We often moan and berate customer services staff, so I thought I would quickly blog on one of those small moments when someone goes beyond the call.

On occasion when I want to escape MoneySaving Towers to focus on my writing, I nip across the road to the newly opened Westfield shopping centre, treat myself to lunch and start tapping away on my laptop.

Today was one such occasion. I’d ordered a salad from Tossed, one of the food hall stands, and then taken it to the large seating area. After about a minute there, being a clutz, I dropped my knife on the floor.

Nearby was one of the serving assistants who clear away the trays that people leave. I was a bit startled as he walked up to me straight away and offered to go and get me another knife.

While not a big deal, bare in mind I wasn’t in a restaurant this was a shopping centre food court. He was polite and efficient, and it was very welcome. Bravo!

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