La Tasca YUM! 50% off ALL FOOD…

Do vouchers work for restaurants? Well, I just tried somewhere new & loved it!

Having scanned down the restaurant vouchers list, the other day, to see what was available. My eyes popped onto a La Tasca 50% off deal; actually better than a 2for1 as it’s 50% off all food including starters and desserts.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of tapas, but decided to give it a try anyway. We went to the one in Chiswick. Interestingly, there was also a Tapas for £10 deal on the table. It’s an all you can eat offer, but on a limited range of plates, so I did a quick calculation, comparing my voucher to the all you can eat for value.

Using the voucher meant more range, and lots of dishes; in the end we had nine main plates and a dessert each, plus drinks for £21 for two. Now frankly this is big greedy pig territory – a serious amount of food – though of course I manfully did my bit and finished it off. Yet it did make La Tasca not that much more expensive than Le Tesco (ok, well maybe quite a bit more but still pretty reasonable for a night out in a restaurant).

The food was great. I was especially impressed by the Mushroom croquettes, though the orange sorbet and chocolate and orange cheesecake at the end were big competition too.

So for me, a personal thumbs up for a seriously good value meal; and for La Tasca – it’s acquired a new future new customer.

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