Is this site a Coronation Street Star?

Thanks to eagle-eyed and eared forumite ‘Nile’ for this. Apparently, Coronation Street’s Kirk is a MoneySaver. According to Nile (who kindly watched the repeat so it could be transcribed) this was in the dialogue, and it’s referring to

Rovers Return scene

    Kirk: It’s great this website. All these tips about how to save money. I was thinking about what you were saying before and seeing as how I’m out of work, I’m gonna try and lower our outgoings.

    I’m kicking off by making my own Christmas cards.

    Julie: It’s February!

    Kirk: Well planning ahead is one of the keys, this website says.

On the street, leaving the shop scene

    Kirk: Bicarb: gets dog smells out the carpet a treat and cleans your bog.

Now that does sound almost definitely like the Old Style section of the site, and the charity book Thrifty Ways.

I must say it doesn’t surprise me, in the times I’ve been to an Audience with… I’ve met quite a few of the Corrie cast who do use this site. One (who will remain nameless) even came up to me to say thanks for a big Bank charges reclaim (see this TV stars reclaim blog.)

So fingers crossed after this episode we’ve got fictional users joining the factual.

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