I’m looking forward to watching… Savers in trouble: ITV1 Tonight 8pm.

It may sound strange to say that about a programme I’m presenting, but the truth is I haven’t seen it yet. It’s been done on a tight deadline, and the producer Bob and his team have done well to get so much material out in time. As part of the speedy process, quite a few chunks are filmed without me.

People tend to underestimate the team effort that goes into something like this. Of course, in my ‘savings makeover slots’ or pieces to camera then that’s me doing m’thing; but in producing a current affairs programme that’s well rounded other ideas need to come in, plus strong visuals (as I suspect the “Lions Den” and “Gold” sections will be).

The final process is all done at speed. I got the final script last night at 7.30 and “Martinified it”, adapting it to my language and phrasing; then sent it back by 9pm. After that it goes back to the producer and the lawyers to be checked through again.

Tonight has two offices, one in London and one in Manchester. This programme’s out of the Manchester office, yet I did the voiceover in London this morning, using a full transcript of what’s in the programme; I can’t see the pictures until later.

So when it’s on tonight, a little bit of me will be a touch nervous, waiting to see what’s in it!

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