Happy New Year To the Tesco Honeymooners

Having nipped out on New Years eve at 6:15 to grab a tiny bit of shopping, I was listening to Radio 5 Live and heard of a couple who’d got honeymoon flights by collecting Tesco clubcard points – recycling and then converting points into airmiles.

Now I must admit I’d read the story when it originally came out in October (see this Metro article), but what I didn’t know is what I heard John Till say tonight: “We wanted to go on a cruise, but knew we couldn’t afford it and the flights, then we remembered that my wife had read an article on MoneySavingExpert.com which said you could convert clubcard points into airmiles, and that’s where the idea came from.”

So, I’m very chuffed to read we had a wee part to play in it. And thanks very much for the plug John and Anne!

And as always remember, never redeem Tesco clubcard points in store; you get four times the value redeeming it on Tesco Clubcard deals (see the loyalty points guide)

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