Free Champagne for EVERYONE… no maybe not.

On Saturday night, we were out for dinner in an upmarket, swanky, slightly dark meeja type place, to celebrate the birthday of one of the MSF’s oldest friends. She works in the high-end “fashion darling….” industry.

I had the MSF on my left, and on my right, a woman who works for a very high end Bond street type designer store. She was trying to entice the MSF to visit her store (without realising Primark or FCUK would’ve been nearer the mark) and decided to target me by saying how they give the men a copy of GQ and both of the couple a glass of champagne each if they want.

The MSF & I passed a surreptitious glance and I asked “is it an appointment type place or can anyone walk in”. She proudly proclaimed anyone could… and I whispered “I’ll put that in m’email” to the MSF.

She then looked at us strangely and asked what we were laughing, so I decided to come clean and tell her, “you really couldn’t have told anyone worse about that, my work’s about saving people money, and I’m just thinking ‘free champagne’ for everyone.”

Then she looked at me and went “oh my word, you’re Martins Money Tips” (told you it was dark) “I love your email, but it goes to millions, please don’t put my shop in, I’ll lose my job.”

Then, surprisingly she went on to tell me how the site had got her out of debt; she’s worked through the techniques and “it saved my life.” A lesson for me that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and proof that even in the high fashion world there are MoneySavers.

After hearing that, of course I couldn’t dob her in, and anyway, no store could feed champagne to all 3,000,000 weekly email recipients. Still, it mightn’t be a bad idea to dress up for the day, walk into a few high end shops and see what freebie concierge type freebies you can get.

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