Giving autographs on five pound notes…

Rather bizarrely I’ve noticed a trend of people asking me to sign five pound notes. It happened again recently. The MSF and I had gone to the food hall in the Westfield shopping centre to have a ‘sort it yourself salad’ (I’m on a mini-diet… more on that another time) and were playing Scrabble (I won 436-322 this time, which is good as the MSF’s been doing too well in recent games).

Anyway, a polite man came up to me rather nervously, said his wife was a fan, and asked if I’d sign a fiver for her. Now this isn’t the first time: If I had a fiver for every fiver I’d signed, I’d have about £90. So I asked him, why a fiver, why not a piece of paper? His answer: “well this way she can’t spend it”. Can’t argue with that.

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