Mental Health and Debt Guide

In a past blog ‘Mental Health and Debt‘ I wrote about our plans to produce a free guide to help individuals, families and carers. Just a quick update on it.

I had hired a couple of high level psychiatrists to write the mental health side of the guide, however after the first draft, unfortunately nothing came back. And we’ve now sadly been told they don’t feel able to complete it. This is a real shame, both as it’s delayed the project substantially and because this is something so important.

So I’m changing the way we’re going to do it. We’re going to take the writing of the guide in-house and work with the mental health charities for more information on that side. Plus I want MoneySaving mental health caseworkers to feedback with their stories and anecdotes on the practical issues.

As I’ve written before this is a project I’m very passionate about. The problem is vast, a disproportionate number of those with mental health problems are in debt. A disproportionate number of those in debt crisis have mental health problems.

It’s my hope we’ll have the guide up and running in early 2009.

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