The UK’s only Bradford & Bingley Branch: Kensington High Street

It’s the first chance I’ve had to blog this. Last Tue, I nipped out of MSE Towers, which is in Shepherds Bush (West London) on weekly e-mail day to do a quick interview for the ITN evening news on Bradford & Bingley. As telly requires this to be near a branch, and the nearest was on Kensington High Street, a couple of miles away, we arranged to meet there.

On arrival, I was rather confused at first to see John Moylan, one of the BBC Business Correspondents who I worked with years ago, and his cameraman; I had a quick chat and only afterwards did I spot the ITV reporter and crew. It seems John had hotfooted it from TV Centre (also in Shepherds Bush) to do a piece for the BBC News.

Not long after, Hugh Pymm, BBC Economics Editor, appeared with his cameraman for the ten o’clock news. While waiting for the ITN reporter to do her piece to camera, we had a quick chat about mortgages (off air); not discourteous to ITV as I was talking savings with them.

Then two minutes later another cameraman showed up, this time by himself. We were all wondering who he was there for, especially as he seemed to be shooting lots of strange angles around Bradford & Bingley rather than the branch itself. Turned out he was from Newsnight… figures!

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