Thank goodness IPTW isn’t live… Crucial edit

We record It Pays To Watch about two hours before it’s transmitted. This is for a mix of technical and legal reasons. This week however, it saved my skin.

As regular blog readers will know, I’m a big X-factor fan. During my chat with Jonathan Ansell, I responded saying “I remember when my girlfriend and I first saw G4 and just went WOW!” A minute later he mentioned that he’d been on X-factor four years ago.

Then it dawned on me; the MSF and I hadn’t met four years ago. And inside the cold sweat started.

After the programme I went straight to the series producer and asked “when you’re clipping it down to time, would you mind taking that particular response out”.

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PS. I should point out, for clarity’s sake, I wasn’t seeing anybody four years ago; there was no girlfriend. I think it’s just as watching (or Sky plussing then watching) X-factor is something we always do together (sadly this year we’ve even done sealed envelopes predicting our top five), I don’t think I could imagine that I used to watch it without her.