Should I do more ‘fun telly’ on top?

Times are tough at the moment, and people are looking for MoneySaving info. Throughout my career, especially over the last few years, I’ve turned down any job offers outside this strict agenda. There’ve been other ‘non moneysaving’ money show offers, as well as general presenting work.

I’ve been asked whether I wanted to be on the shortlist for a couple of the big TV celeb reality shows and always said no, as I think it detracts somewhat from the message; I can’t take that long away from the site (and I’m far too much of a scaredy cat for anything too difficult!)

More interesting have been offers for a number of game show type formats, where it fits to have someone mathematics/money-minded amongst the presenters, or in the presenter’s friend chair (don’t worry I’m not talking about the famous channel 4 one). I must admit, these are more tempting, as I’m so competitive I love the idea.

Yet would it hurt my reputation and the site? It’s tough to tell… I shall mull more. Any views (nice ones) are welcome.

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