Is Santa hit by the Credit Crunch?

I was on Newsround today doing some clips about the credit crunch, as children are reporting drops in pocket money. The most important message I did was “This Christmas may be a little different, the price of food, petrol, gas & electricity and travel has gone up, so your parents may have a little less money. That means, don’t expect a super-dooper present this Christmas, but I’m sure they’ll still ensure you have something nice.”

Yet of course that begs the question… is Santa hit by the credit crunch?

Hopefully no children are reading this, so it’s not a spoiler. Yet you can’t simply say “all your Christmas presents come from family not Santa Claus”, and in the end we didn’t tackle it. Yet it has got me mulling how you’d break this to young children, obviously to rely on the financial problems in the Nordic countries doesn’t really cut it.

If anyone has any good ideas it may be useful to help other parents.

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