Hai-Ya! Breaking a tile with my fist.

This Wednesday we’ve changed the It Pays To Watch schedule to focus on Financial Self Defence. As well as savings, loans & mortgages, we’ll be looking at Section 75 credit card protection (and we’re about to publish a major new guide to it on the site too).

Now you can’t do a programme like this without a film on the main theme. So squeezed in between quickly updating the Safe Savings guide after the weekend news and two minutes on the Daily Politics, I had to do an emergency film down at the local Fitness First dressed in a full martial arts uniform.

There to help was Tai Kwan Do Instructor Dave – a gentle giant of a man from Tan’Gun Taekwondo, who’s 6 foot 7 inches tall – and Dogan, one of his students. We did a little play fighting, though I must say, when you see me acting winded… it wasn’t acting.

Smashing a tile

The highlight was getting to break a tile spread across two bricks with my bare hands.

It’s quite an intimidating thing to do, though in practice not that tough. Dave’s advice was just be confident and do it cleanly, and breath slowly first. In the end I did it twice. I was tempted to try it with more than one tile, but then decided I was there for work not play, and I’d better err on the safe side.

Hai YA!

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