Mocked on Mock The Week

MoneySaving’s getting mainstream … Fresh from being a weakest link question, thanks to the eagle eyed forumites (see mention in Mock The Week ) who spotted comedian Michael McIntyre taking the mick on the BBC2 show.

To use forum speak, I ROTFL with it. It’s a brilliant clip, you can watch it here: BBC Iplayer (watch from 20mins).

And Michael, just in case this pops up in your Google Alerts …

I think this is the guide you’re referring to: batter down your annual mobile contract. Just to draw your attention to the third step:

Step 3: What if they say no?

Don’t feel forced into disconnecting

If you’re pushing and your bluff is called, with a “sorry, we can’t do that, I’ll arrange cancellation”, just back off. A quick “I need to think about it and I’ll call you back” is an easy way out.

At this point if there are better packages elsewhere consider taking on the hassle and changing package but do it on your terms not theirs. See Mobile Cost Cutting Plan for details of how to find the right tariff. Though it’s always possible that you call again, speak to someone else and get a quite different response!”

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