One reason to never let work experience people act unsupervised…

We received the following e-mail today:


My name is David and I am contacting you on behalf of Name Removed Building Society.

I read your homepage and found your site contains some quality content relating to finance. We would like to request a link from this page, as your users may benefit from access to mortgage offers. While this would benefit us and your customers it would also in no way detract from your website layout as any of the occurrences of the word ‘mortgage’ could be used as a hypertext link (ie to link to the building society’s site – ML). Could you reply to me either way if you are interested in this offer or not?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Name Removed,
Name of Global Search Company removed

I don’t need to tell any MoneySavers quite how ridiculous sending an e-mail like this to this site is.

When we called up and spoke to the manager, his face apparently paled even on the phone. Quite simply they’d let someone on work experience send out some emails and this was a result.

So as not to haunt him through his career I’ve removed the identifying marks.

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