Using my EHIC card for the first time…

Having been telling people to grab a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for the last few years (see the EHIC card guide for why), I used my own for the first time the other weekend.

I’d been in Italy for a close friend’s wedding (congrats Babs and Mark), but sadly the cough and sore throat mentioned in my last blog had got worse not better, and became extremely painful. Not much fun, and as I had a speech to make, I didn’t want to let my friends down, so I ended up going to the local medical centre.

I was joined by Naz, a friend who had kindly volunteered to translate, as she speaks Italian. One of the first things the Doctor asked for was “medical insurance or the card.” Funnily enough Naz wasn’t sure what he meant, but I correctly assumed it was the EHIC.

Then not one but two doctors looked at my throat for a good fifteen minutes; not something I’m used to from my London GP centre. As I had the card, rather than a much higher fee, it only cost £7 for the appointment; a sum I won’t be troubling my travel insurer for.

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