The hideous curse of insomnia.

I’m writing this feeling slightly blurry. For the last two nights sadly I’ve not been able to sleep, and as anyone who’s suffered from insomnia knows, it’s self perpetuating as the worry about not sleeping drives you to stay awake. Sadly it’s come at a time of lots of work pressure; I’m filming a few different things this week and hear rumours about some big bank charges announcements to come. So if you’ve seen me on the telly or heard me on the radio this week, forgive me if I’m not particularly lucid at times.

Right now it’s 11am and I’m shattered, but of course to try and sleep now would be really counter productive as it would further disturb my sleep pattern and mean that tonight I’m even less likely to sleep. So right now it’s grit my teeth and get on with it time…

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