I nearly told the nation to F*** off!

Following on from yesterday’s TV is frustrating blog, this morning on GMTV I was much happier with my performance. Yet I can’t believe what just happened.

The One O’Clock news

I rarely do BBC TV, as I tend to be seen as a face of ITV and Five. So it was a surprise to be invited today to talk about gas prices. Amidst the chat, here’s the scene (as best I remember, it was very quick):

ML: Two weeks ago I said cap and there were THREE caps left.
Action: Holding up three fingers.

ML: Then earlier this week there were only TWO.
Action: Holding up two fingers.

ML: Now there’s just ONE and it could go any minute.
Action: I started to put one finger down, then realized that left just my middle finger stuck up with the front of my hand facing the camera. So in a flash (I hope) I changed it to my index finger…

I’ve already had texts from friends who noticed…. Ooops. Still you never know I might make it on “It shouldn’t happen to a Money Saving Expert”

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PS Thanks for the pictures folks….

A quick thanks, ut hmm, to those in the Forum discussion above who went to the BBC news site linked to the video and downloaded screengrabs! Though it did give me the opportunity to see I really did get my finger all the way up… luckily only briefly.