BA / Virgin Price Fixing. Now there’s adverts to help people get compensation.

The law firm that pushed the price fixing compensation case in the US is about to launch UK adverts, to urge people who flew with the airlines on the relevant dates to claim their compensation. So far 100,000 individuals and 1,200 businesses have registered, but it’s thought there are 5.6 million passengers to contact. If you’re looking to claim read my past Virgin BA Compensation agreed: how to claim and earlier Reclaim from BA / Virgin blog.

What interests me about this is the US court demanding the airlines pay for this publicity. My suspicion (having not researched it) is this is a benefit of the class-action system that happens in the US but not here. Still, the courts pro-actively seeking out people who have been wronged, rather than waiting for them to bring a case themselves is a remarkable thing.

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