Silly press release of the year contender: credit stuffed crust.

It’s incredible what we get sent through sometimes. This is my first “silly press release” contender – more to come as and when. Perhaps less credit crunch and more credit stuffed crust…



LONDON, 13 JUNE: Mulberry Street Pizzeria was left questioning the truth of the so-called credit crunch last week.

The authentic New York-style, Notting Hill based Neighbourhood Pizzeria, Mulberry Street, has sold six of its house speciality pizzas – the Beluga King – in just ten days. The luxury 20” New York pizza is topped with Beluga caviar and can be enjoyed for a price of £350.

At £350, the Beluga pizza is more than triple the price of Gordon Ramsey’s truffle-topped pizza that sold for a record £100 in 2005.

At Mulberry Street, one well-heeled couple washed their deluxe meal down with Louis Roederer Cristal at £250 per bottle – taking their bill to in excess of £600, (over £300 per head, which is more than many Michelin starred eateries.)

Restaurant owner Maria O’Connor puts the recent rush for the pizza down to word of mouth, she said: “The recent popularity of our most expensive pizza seems to show that Notting Hill’s clientele are not frightened of a credit crunch.”

Due to the recent high demand, Mulberry will now be offering the Beluga King by the slice for £60.

Mulberry Street’s sales of such a high-end item questions the truth of economists’ popular credit crunch theory. The pizzeria’s growing popularity with families, children and big spenders alike is testimony to diners’ readiness to eat out in West London.”

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