It’s all about the size of your package…

I’m a sucker for cinema sweetie pick ‘n’ mix; it’s one of my little treats….

The other day, having succumbed (good for neither the wallet or the waistline), I was looking at the giant carton with my few sweets in and it got me mulling about sweetie/chocolate packaging in general. Think about it…

  • Normal packs of sweets/chocolates have inflated packaging to make less look more.

    Here you often get a packet, open it and find out that this large, well packed and expensive product has far less sweets in than it feels it should from the outside.

  • Pick ‘n’ mix sweets have massive cartons to make more look less.

    Here the opposite’s true. You put sweets in and it hardly looks like you’ve got any in there, encouraging you to fill it up. By the time you end up weighing it, you’re paying lot more than expected.

Sometimes you do have to admire such marketing genius.

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