Is there a tap version of the two-buttoned loo?

Whilst shaving, I realised I’d left the tap on nearly full power since I started, wasting a huge amount of water. Of course, I should’ve switched it on and off throughout, but as happens too often, my mind was elsewhere.

Now, my loo has two buttons to allow different volumes of water to flow through it (or using the vernacular, a poo and a pee button). Yet, as far as I know (and I’ve done zero research!) there’s no widespread tap version of this.

If every tap had a system that when turned on, automatically stops at a soft-mid flow point and needs further turning for full flow, I suspect we’d use much less water. These types of systems already exist on some showers, which click and stick at a certain heat where temperature is a concern (e.g. gym showers), and you need to click a button to go hotter.

Most times we turn the tap on, it’s to get some water, not to fill a sink or a glass, so full power’s unnecessary (and can sometimes leave embarrassing water marks if it sprays out of the sink when too high powered). Imagine the water saving if this was macro’d up across the UK; many reservoirs of water could be saved.

Does anyone know if this exists? Should I be preparing a Dragon’s Den pitch? If it does exist why isn’t there more universal roll out?

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