Rude words in my new Scrabble dictionary

I’m excited. Our new Scrabble dictionary arrived today. As regulars will know, the MSF and I play a lot of Scrabble (see my previous blogs ‘I scored 596 at Scrabble, so why does it depress me?’, ‘SUPER SCRABBLE! WOW!’ and ‘I admit it. I’m addicted. It’s a US website and it’s not healthy!’).

We have the family Scrabble dictionary but now have ordered the BIG “Official Scrabble Dictionary” – with every allowable scrabble word.

The problem with the family dictionary is it’s sanitised; not much use if your letters are FITWUCK. Plus there are a few words that aren’t in the family one such as Viner (a vine dresser).

I did rather enjoy finding out that Marting is “to sell or trade something”.

Now the fun bit…

It’s very difficult not to immediately look up rude words, and so I didn’t fight very hard.
First, a combination of words that start with a well known four letter swear word beginning with an F! For propriety’s sake I shall replace it with the word blob… and include it’s definitions.

• Blob… Taboo word meaning to have sexual intercourse with
• Blobbed… refer to Blob
• Blobber… Taboo word for a despicable or obnoxious person
• Blobbers… refer to Blobber
• Blobbing… refer to Blob
• Blobbings… refer to Blob
• Bloboff… Taboo word an annoying or unpleasant person (ML NOTE: obviously this means “Bloboff” is different to “Blob off” which I would define as a taboo word to tell someone to go away)
• Blobs… refer to Blob
• Blobup… (verb) Taboo word meaning to damage or bungle
• Blobup… (noun) Taboo word meaning an act or instance of bungling
• Blobups… refer to Blobup
• Blobwit… taboo word for a fool or idiot
• Blobwits… refer to Blobwit

My favourite definition…

And this one is priceless… I’ve never heard of it, but the Scrabble dictionary is a ball of fun.

This involves another swear word, this one the famous W one, often used in the six letter form with an “er” at the end. Here I shall replace it with the word Plop… it’s the definition that’s the best bit.

• A Plopsta… a derogatory slang word for a person who acts or dresses like a gangster but is not involved in crime…

Now how many points is that?

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