Free Breakfast for being a celeb!

Something rather bizarre just happened. Having been on GMTV in the Southbank and finishing at 9:20, rather than going back to MSE Towers in Shepherds Bush only to have to return to central London for Radio 2 at 1:00, I decided to take my laptop and find a nice place work and have a treat; an Eggs...

Cystic Fibrosis… moving stats

Normally I like stats… But here’s some I’m not so keen on that I learned this evening…

An overseas wallet… do you have one?

The dynamics of spending abroad are very different to the UK. I was doing a quick interview for the Guardian today on the cheapest way to pay when overseas, and ended up mentioning the fact I have an overseas wallet… As is self-evident, this is a specific wallet I only use when I’m abroad; the rest of...

The last It Pays To Watch until Sept 17!

Yesterday was the last in the series of It Pays To Watch. Actually technically it was the end of the second series as we were recommissioned early on, and did 2 x 10 programmes in a row. Looking back it was quite a challenge. The programme was commissioned by Five around six weeks before it went on...

It’s taken five years… but finally…

Last night was a momentous night… it was the last It Pays To Watch, and my dad had come to see it. Afterwards, at the wrap party he said to me the immortal words “do you know, I think I must get myself one of those cashback cards.” It’s only taken five years….

Accused of fraud by the Halifax?

Quite staggeringly, a couple of months ago, we had an email from a man accusing us of fraudulently receiving funds of £10/month… when asked why he said the Halifax had told him so.

Stupid question of the year award!

I’m sitting between meetings working in Starbucks (free plugs for my laptop charger) and overhear someone walk in and, without any attempt at irony, ask “do you serve coffee?” Comment and Discuss

I didn’t say that! Part 1…. things people assume I think but I don’t.

The title Money Saving Expert is one that engenders people to make assumptions about my view point. Whether it’s media interviewers with such leading statements as, “of course you’d say….” or friends in discussions assuming my thoughts, or even viewpoints assigned for me in the MSE Forums which I don’t actually agree with.

A big week for the MSF and me…

There’s quite a juxtaposition between the week the MSF and I have this week… though both are big and scary.

Door-to-door sales… can we ask them to be more responsible?

My wonderful grandma, who’s about to celebrate her 86th birthday (and will be furious if she finds out I’ve put that in here!) recently had some door-to-door sales people knock at the door asking her to switch her home phone to TalkTalk. Now, as you’ll be unsurprised to hear, my Uncle and I have ensured she’s already on the correct tariff (BT with an override and she doesn’t need broadband) and she told them “my son deals with this and he’s not home.”