We’ve hit the big 2,000,000 on the e-mail address… unbelievable!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing a 1,000,000 on the e-mail list blog and now, less than 14 months later, we’ve doubled.

The use of this site frankly amazes me; when I started it as a place to support my broadcast work (read about the site’s history) little could I perceive that around 5,000,000 people in the UK would access it each month, and I’d be sitting here in a room filled with 16 full-time people all working together to help people save money. I must admit I’m very proud.

The Stats

I know many MoneySavers are stats nerds like me….

So here’s the progress chart for the weekly e-mail (it includes links to the waybackmachine, sometimes some images will be missing from the old versions of the site… to help improve that we may be a few days off).

August 2002… Home Page Launched. I launched MoneySavingExpert.com as my personal home page…. See what it looked like

22 Feb 2003… The Site Was Born. This was the point I had the site developed, and turned into the first version of what it is today… See what it looked like

25 April 2003…. 10,000 on email list. See what it looked like

11 January 2004… 50,000 on email list. See what it looked like

30 July 2004… 100,000 on email list. See what it looked like

28 April 2005… 250,000 on email list. See what it looked like

3 March 2006… 500,000 on email list. See what it looked like

24 Feb 2007…. 1,000,000 on email list. See what it looked like

01 June 2007…. Site re-design launched. Looked very similar to now.

20 April 2008… 2,000,000 on email list. I think you know what it looks like!

This is an incredible achievement, and I’d like to give huge thanks to the MSE team for their enormous dedication and to all site users who act as ambassadors and extoll its benefits.

When I wrote the 1,000,000 blog I was slightly demotivated as that had always been my ultimate target – now, in these times of credit crunch and financial woes, I simply want the site to be able to help as many people as possible.

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