Quid pro quo

When I go for my Tuesday mornings at GM-TV, I tend to spend a chunk of my off camera time answering questions for the crew, production and editorial team about their money issues; whether it’s in wardrobe, make-up or meetings. And I know GM-TV’s resident GP Dr. Hilary Jones does something similar.

Last Tuesday was a first though. Sadly, after GMTV early Monday morning followed by a long day in the office, I got a stomach upset, and the resulting hot and cold flushes meant I didn’t sleep at night. Lying awake at 3:30 (my pickup time is 7:05) I called in ill, but in the end decided I would try and get my slots done.

When I got there, sadly I’d missed the whole night’s sleep and was feeling pretty dire. Hilary walked in and asked if I had five minutes. He wanted a quick chat about a financial question… perfect… so I grabbed my opportunity too. Good symmetry!

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