Which type of unwell are you?

I’m quite substantially under the weather at the moment, which is a bit of a struggle since the financial collapse means I’m getting a lot of interview requests.

However it has made me mull over what I call, “the different types of well.”

  • Bed Well: When you’re in bed you feel fine but as soon as you get out, it’s not good.
  • Home Well: Pottering around the house its not so bad, but leave and suddenly and it hits you.
  • Work Well: You’re able to go to work and function without a problem.
  • At the moment I’m somewhere between bed and home well, which does cause concern for tomorrow’s show, as I’m nowhere near that specialised category – studio well – where I can do an afternoon of adrenaline-pumped studio work. The problem with having my own show, filmed on the day, is there’s no one to stand-in and no contingency to be ill. Not much fun!

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