The Busiest Media Week I’ve ever had…

Reflecting on my last blog, it occurred to me part of the reason for the lack of texts may’ve been because it’s just about the busiest media week I’ve ever had. It’s no wonder I’m writing this on Sunday night, feeling quite exhausted and desperately trying to catch up on everything else that needs doing.

While I’ve done more interviews and appearances in a week before, this was different; it was all big focused programmes and columns. So, for the sake of posterity I’ve decided to record my exact agenda:

Friday 29 Feb. 
BB1 NW, Inside out, feature on the life of a MoneySavingExpert

Sun 2 March. 
News of the World column, Sunday Post column.

Mon 3 March.
ITV1. Small trail on the end of Tonight for the Fri prog.

Tue 4 March.
ITV1. GM-TV 7.45am regular weekly expert slot (council tax reclaiming)

Wed 5 March. 
ITV1. LK Today 8.45 regular weekly expert slot (best bank accounts)
Five. It Pays To Watch 7.30pm

Thur 6 March. 
Moneywise column done
Hour-long charity speech

Fri 7 March.
Radio 2 Vine. 45 minute phone-in on student finance
ITV1. Tonight. Presenting Council Tax Cover-Up

Sun 9 March.
Five. It Pays To Watch Extra
News of the World Column

Mon 10 March.
Five. Wright stuff, expert slot

This misses out my research, work on the site, the weekly email, two articles I’ve drafted, and about another ten interviews and briefings given for the papers.

I suspect one day I’ll look back on this week and think WOW! Now I just think “need bed”.

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