Don’t mess with da MoneySavin’ Family…

A wee tale via my big sister Debby. She’s a Manchester based aerobics/step/body pump etc instructor, and excitedly went to the massive instructors convention on at Blackpool’s winter gardens on Friday. Deb’s as enthusiastic about her work as I am about mine, so she bounded up there early for maximum time (if you want an idea of how my sis would be in a place like this, if you’ve seen the film Kenny, you’ll understand).

After a while she went to one of the music stores, called ***** ***** to get some new tunes for her classes. As it’s a public performance this isn’t like buying music for yourself, it comes with the PPL licence (that allows you to play it for commercial purposes).

The following conversation ensued.

Deb: “Any chance of getting a discount, I am already a member?”

Salewoman: “Discount. No chance. Where do you get that from?”

Deb: (laughs) “Uh oh, I think I may be turning into my brother!”

Saleswoman: (Deb had already given membership card; after looking at it) “You’re a Lewis, your brother isn’t called Martin is he?”

When Deb said it was, the saleswoman revealed herself as a massive site user (apparently a competitions board regular). On hearing this, one of the nearby DJ’s came over to comment that she’s always going on about the site and the MoneySaving on there. Of course my sister, seeing an opportunity said:

Deb: “Do I get a discount now?”

Even then, after a fun chat, it was a no. So she bought the goods and left.

A little later I called her and was regaled with this story. So for a bit of fun, I told her to mutter I’d tell the story in here, but without revealing the company; after all, no discount, not a drop of publicity. Apparently when she returned to tell them that, “discounts next time” were mentioned. Ah well…

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