A record day for the site!

I know many MoneySavers are stats nerds like me. So I thought you’d enjoy the fact that yesterday was busiest the site has ever had. The vast majority of this is due to the weekly MoneySaving email, where both the Ryanair 1p flights article and Are your savings safe?} were HUGELY well read/used.

Overall the stats for Wed 20 March 2008

Page Impressions: 2.5 million

Visits: 545,000

Unique Users: 419,000

Average Time on site: 5:55 minutes

Just as a comparison….

Roughly six months ago (I’ve used a Wed to be fair – as it’s the busiest day)

Overall stats for Wed 24 October 2007

Page Impressions: 1.43 million

Visits: 320,000

Unique Users: 247,000

Average Time on site: 5:43 minutes

Sadly I can’t go back a year as we were using a slightly different stats package then and thus the comparison wouldn’t be totally fair (but it was substantially less back then; maybe 60% of current traffic).

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