The Insurance Thugs Dream Team Back Together…

Way back when in my Simply Money days (2000 – 2001), I used to do comedy characters to introduce my MoneySaving items. You can see a video compilation of the clips in the funny money gallery. While I won’t be going anywhere near that far in It Pays To Watch, where it makes a point I hope to have a bit of fun.

One of my favourite skits was about warning people against being missold payment protection insurance when they got a loan (it’s in the compilation). I used a loan shark character and got the two IT managers of Simply Money; Brendan and Wayne, both tall, big chaps to be my ‘minders’. It was so well-liked we did it many times, and it always amused me that the two hard, scary looking minders were in real life two of the nicest, most gentlemanly chaps you could ever meet.

As we’re going to do PPI reclaiming on It Pays To Watch and there’s no better way to show the problems, I decided to reprise it. Finding Brendan was easy; once I set up the site he came on board as Webmaster and is now ‘Head of Operations’. Luckily he’s still in touch with Wayne, who happily agreed to pop over for the filming – the dream team back together. This was great as we added in some extra shots and I got my ‘scary eyes’ look on.

Now it turns out Wayne, who I hadn’t seen in seven years, is an avid watcher of It Pays To Watch. We had told him if he couldn’t trek across town not to worry as we had a stand-in. Yet he didn’t think we were serious, when he got there and realized we did his comment was, “If I’d seen this on the telly and you hadn’t asked me, I’d have been furious; this is my part.” And when you see Wayne… you’ll realize why I’m now so glad we asked him.

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