Should I say hi to people or keep my head down?

Now here’s a question of etiquette for you. When I leave after doing my various GM-TV/LK slots often there’s a queue outside for the audience of the Paul O’Grady show, (which is done in the same place even though it’s on a different channel) or Loose women. To get to the transport provided I have to walk alongside this queue.

Gradually, more and more, I catch someone quietly saying to their friend “oh that’s the money man” or “isn’t that martin lewis” as I walk past. Now, very occasionally somebody’ll say hi or hello, and if they do I always respond, but usually I just keep my head down and walk to the transport.

This is quite a difficult one; I’m not famous enough that everyone’ll know who I am, and I’d feel a prat to swan it as if I’m the bees knees. Yet on the other hand, if people are watching and audibly saying my name they might think I’m being rude by keeping my eyes down. That’s not my intention, but when you’re there by yourself it’s the easiest thing to do.

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