During the Council Tax film on this week’s It Pays To Watch, you’ll see me with two erstwhile rockers. While they may look like hired session pros, actually they’re two members of the MSE team. MSE Kate and our senior techie MSE Neil were seriously impressive, though Kate’s now worried her ‘drumming gurning face’ will look silly. It doesn’t – she looks cool, but I know she’ll be worried until Wed.

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PS. Sitting there watching them reminded me of my old ‘performing days’ when I did stand-up. I was rather chuffed this weekend to read a review in The Guide of the “Hackney Empire New Act of the Year Final” which started “What do Russell Brand, Alan Davies, Harry Hill, Matt Lucas, Simon Pegg, Catherine Tate and Ardal O’Hanlon all have in common? They’ve all been in the final of the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year.” Well you could add Martin Lewis to that list too… which proves it won’t always make you a super-successful comedian!