The first It Pays To Watch – OK I’m quick

We film It Pays To Watch two hours before transmission as live (it’s done early for legal reasons). So I got to go home and watch the show with everyone else. I always hate watching myself; but it’s important to do it for next time.

My overall summary was – good first programme, a wee bit of polish needed, and I need to slow down sometimes. I thought the comper story was great; as was thrifty tips. I was very pleased we got the MEAF successes; in the dress rehersal (different people) one person was on hold so long we almost missed it; but this time all three got in.

Overall it’s exhausting. I actually prefer doing the It Pays To Watch More programme that we show on the web; as the need to ‘hit the time’ is much less. I’m writing this ten minutes after the programme so I’m a bit punch drunk with exhaustion. And will stop there…

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PS: Just spoke to my grandma. She thought the programme “was wonderful darling, but my heart almost stopped when you were climbing up that wall; why on earth did you do that; its so dangerous.”