That wasn’t the trail I rehearsed!

I’m feeling a wee bit overexposed this week, what with being on the front of the News of the World about my new column there; having a GM-TV trail of me running and of course a trail for It Pays To Watch which starts this Wed on five at 7.30pm (so much work, there’s hardly time to breathe).

The five trail sounds funny though, I haven’t actually seen it yet. I’m standing there looking like I’m waiting and they say something like “Martin Lewis can save you thousands, but we’re keeping him quiet until Wednesday…”

The funny thing about this is I never recorded that trail; I was just asked to record some rather straight ones, ie “Starting next Wednesday, save a fortune with It Pays to Watch.” The only thing I can guess is that the camera was running during the trails (as you record a number of different ones for when it’s shown e.g. starting Jan, starting next week, starting Wednesday, starting this evening, starting tomorrow) and during that there were periods in which I was waiting to be told which to do next.

I suspect they’ve used that footing; so if anyone thinks it’s good acting, it’s not, it’s the real thing, me feeling time-pressured and wanting to get on with it.

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