Thank you from the MSF and I for all the thanks.

In my last blog I told you I’d got engaged. Frankly we’re overwhelmed by all the notes of congratulation and it’s absolutely wonderful of you all. In the Forums there seems to be a separate thread, each with scores of notes in on many of the boards, and many hundreds overall; so much so it’s tough to keep up! So the MSF and I both wanted to send you huge thanks; it means a lot. If our lives together are as tenth as happy as you all wish it to be; it’ll be wonderful.

And now to answer the various questions about the Scrabble…

Q. How did I fix the scrabble letters?

A. Simple, in the hotel room before we went, I snuck the 15 letters needed from the travel Scrabble set into my pocket; and palmed them out while she wasn’t looking.

Q. Why 15 letters not fourteen?

A. Because I needed an A to guarantee I went first – that was placed in a separate pocket

Q. How many points did I get?

A. As I put it across two lines, I didn’t really get any.

Q. Did the MSG/MSF notice?

A. Half way through she said “hold on don’t you have too many letters”, at which point I asked her to ssssh in such a way she seemed to realize. Then I when I showed her the board and got down on one knee…. she got the hint.

Q. Who won?

A. We didn’t finish that particular game, but overall on the holiday I won 6 games to 2; more importantly I won her hand.

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