Sat-nav on a mobile: cheap and effective

Recently I upgraded my phone (don’t worry – it was a free upgrade, see the cheaper mobile tariffs article) to the wonderful HTC 3100; a Windows CE model with a pull out keyboard, and importantly, its own GPS receiver.

Now, having had two Sat-navs stolen – the first by people breaking into my car, and the second by the MSF who found it so useful (and drives more than me) that it gradually moved there permanently, I decided I would try it on the phone.

In the end I opted to download the Tom Tom software onto it for about £80; cheap for Sat Nav. And I have to say it’s fantastic; having it with me all the time is a great enabler for the following reasons:

  • If I’ve got a series of meetings in town, I just enter the postcodes – set it onto walk mode and I get there.
  • It’s always with me.
  • If I get a local mini-cab often they have no clue where to go; so I can switch my own sat nav on and tell them.
  • It’s small, which is the perfect size for my Smart.
  • So, if you need a Sat-nav and have a free phone upgrade coming along, I have to suggest you get one with an inbuilt GPS receiver. It’s a very convenient and relatively cheap way to do it.

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