Alliance & Leicester Car Insurance: Probably the most irrelevant promotion ever seen

A&L has a Car Insurance promotion out which says “One year’s cover FREE if we can’t beat your existing renewal quote”. Doesn’t that sound great?

Yet dig a little deeper and you’ll find it’s just a silly bit of irrelevant marketing spiel. If you apply for a quote online, you enter your renewal details and, it seems to me, most of the time one of two things happen, either…

    1. It almost always seems to quote around £10 less than whatever you entered as your renewal quote.
    2. It doesn’t quote at all.

Thus the 1 year free policy seems to be a red herring, and A&L is rather cleverly only just beating renewal quotes for most companies. Now when you consider that car insurance companies rely on apathy and usually push their renewal prices far higher than new customers would get elsewhere (or even with them if you get a quote as a new customer) this really is pants.

Ignore it, you’re far better off using the techniques in my Car Insurance cost cutting article; A&L are typically beating renewals by just £10 – other companies guarantee to beat them by more.

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