New Crisp Flavour hits the spot…

After MoneySaving, crisps are a serious contender in my priorities list. Regulars will remember the favourite crisp flavours poll (which disgracefully saw MoneySavers favouring cheese and onion over the glory that is salt and vinegar) and my recent blog about trying to save tangy twiglets.

Well fellow crisp lovers; I have some exciting news for you. On my recent winter break, I discovered a new flavour that mingles the punch of S&V with the more mellow C&O.

These crisps are Lay’s Caribbean Onion & Balsamic Vinegar; a superb concoction that actually seems to have cracked the best of both worlds. Now of course I have imported a few packets to be tried at home; but it seems a shame that here; the home of real multi-flavour crisps they are tough to be found.

Now it’s worth noting at this point that Lay’s crisps are part of Pepsico; as are the UK’s own Walkers brand. Thus it seems not a great stretch that with a bit of lobbying we could bring such crisp heaven to the UK. On this page you’ll see you can submit a flavour to Walkers.

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