Barclays adverts make me want to growl!

Barclays adverts make me want to growl!

Have you seen the bright blue full page adverts in the press for Barclays products? They make me growl; I’m quite staggered that it has the chutzpah to do it.

Today’s advert:


Day to day savings account 4.26% AER”

Can you believe it is advertising and boasting about a rate of just four and a quarter percent. How ridiculous when, as you’ll see from the top Savings Accounts article you can easily earn 6.5% elsewhere!

Then there was its ad last month (which I don’t have a copy of, but said something like, “switch to our great loan rate and get £50”. This in many ways is worse, even though at the time Barclays loan rate was close, although not quite as cheap a loan as possible (see Cheapest Loans if you’re interested). Yet switching a loan is not simply a case of finding a cheaper rate and moving to it; there are penalties for switching a loan and so actually it means you can move to a cheaper loan rate but it’ll cost you more (see Cut the cost of existing loans).

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