Now I’ve DDOSsed someone!

After the nightmare this site’s had with the malicious DDOS attack a fortnight ago, I must admit to feeling a little bad. In this week’s tip one of the main articles was Cheapest Mobiles and one of the main links in there is the use of the mobile comparison site One Compare. Sadly as the email goes to 1.5+m people it couldn’t cope with the volume of traffic and has been down for two days.

We had warned them in advance, and they did of course welcome the traffic. Yet technically what happened does count as a ‘denial of service’ – even though in this case it was involuntary. Hopefully it’ll be up again soon, I know they’re working through it. As for news on our DDOS (which was a malicious simulated attack) the police are continuing their criminal investigation and I cross my fingers they’ll get to the bottom of it.

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