January is starting to look really scary!

I love my work, but there comes a point when the sheer load is intimidating. And January is one of those times. It’s a difficult call to know what to do; everything is exciting, yet having had a few health issues this year due to over work and stress, looking ahead does make me gulp with a bit of fear.

  • The site will be hugely busy. January is money month and as such traffic is disproportionately high, and keeping track of changes to products becomes more difficult as all companies try and launch their top deals.
  • The bank charges trial is happening. The OFT Bank Charges Test Case
    to decide the first principles of whether Bank Charges are unlawful starts on January 14. That is likely to take a huge amount of time.
  • New single. Actually it’s coming out for pre-order today, as you’ll see on the Bank Charges Song page. Now, don’t worry I’m not singing. This is in many ways a protest song; it’s the ‘I fought the Lloyds’ single by Oystar; the site’s supporting them and there’s a good chance we can get it to be in the top 20 or higher; I’m also in the video and we’re doing the coverage together (it’s launching soon). The idea is that we need to put pressure on all the institutional parties to sort this, and what better way to gain popular appeal than with a song.
  • New book. The book version of Teen Cash Class aimed at adults is being launched in January; called “the three most important lessons you were never taught at school”. I’m just finishing my final edits to it at the moment. Mostly it’s done, but I’ll need to do publicity for it; it’s important because all my profits from it’ll be donated to…
  • The new MSE Charity. This should be starting in January. The charity is now registered with the charity commission and the Charity Fund money has been transferred to its bank account. The website and application forms are being sorted at the moment. The idea of the charity is to provide grants to individuals and charities, to help improve education and information about consumption and debt. I’m really pleased it’s going to open with around £200,000 in its coffers.
  • New prime time TV series. It’s almost totally confirmed (cross your fingers for me) that I’ve got my own new series starting in January, and more so that it’ll be made by MoneySaving productions, which I’m the majority shareholder of. I can’t detail more yet, but there’s a huge amount of work involved both in setting up the production company and doing the show.
  • New newspaper column. Again, almost totally confirmed that I’ve quite a big new column starting; which certainly adds to the work load.
  • Two more Tonights. I’ve already started working on two more Tonight with Trevors. More details to follow.
  • LK Today and LK specials: I’ll of course be doing my regular LK today slots and likely to be doing a longer debt week again too.
  • Media shmedia. In January the volume of interview and other requests to do stuff on MoneySaving trebles as the ‘new year, new you’ themes are everywhere.
  • The usuals. Of course this misses out Radio 2, Radio 1, my Sunday Post and syndicated regional columns; never mind the main focus of my week which is the Weekly e-mail.
  • Frankly, I think there’s a few things I’ve forgotten; which shows you the extent of this. On paper it’s amazing; and most of the time I count my luck to be at the centre of it. Each project in itself is very exciting. However, even the thought of trying to get through all of it in combination’s very draining. I do have fantastic support from the team here at MoneySaving towers, which will help a lot, plus I’m already trying to ensure that the weekends are breaks and I manage the work load…. Oh well, see you in February!

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