It’s an honour to be beaten by Martin Luther King

I recently added the Google toolbar to my browser. It means now when I do a search or get a site name wrong it’s Google rather than MSN that appears. One thing of note is when you enter something into the Google toolbar it brings up a series of popular searches as an option. Now if I quickly want to find one of my articles and I’m not on the site, I just type my name and then the article name into Google and it comes up e.g. “Martin Cheap Trains”.

I’ve just noticed now what’s on the list of popular searches…. The first is Martin Luther King, the second is Martin Lewis! It’s quite a strange moment to know that I’m number 2 in Google’s list of popular Martin’s; and more than an honour to be second to one of the greats of humanitarian campaigning. Now don’t worry I’m not getting too big for my boots; I know my searches are mainly just people looking for m’MoneySaving tips and not (thankfully) interest in me personally; yet either way though, I did sit up a little bit straighter in my seat.

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