Downshift challenge failure

Last week the MSG was on a programme called “Cooking the Books” on Five TV, presented by Jeremy Edwards. On it she was asked “surely going out with the money saving man, your cupboards are bare, as he won’t buy anything?”

The MSG, I’m very proud to announce, replied something akin to, “it’s not about not spending it’s about getting best value, so where they’re the best we go for own brands rather than branded goods; don’t worry we don’t starve!” Talk about being ‘on-message’, hoorah.

By coincidence, later that day she’d been to the supermarket to grab our weekly food shop; and was getting me some Sugar Puffs (I’d had a yearning for some and hadn’t eaten them for years).

The problem was, the Sainsbury’s own brand version she bought were horrid; not a patch on the real thing. Then again that’s what the downshift challenge is all about, trying something a brand level lower… and then only sticking with them if you can’t tell the difference… as for Sugar Puffs… this time, the downshift failed.

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