Can you find me a picture of a baboon’s bum?

There are some things you never think you’ll say in a work context (or privately for that matter!); yet at 7pm on Tuesday I found myself saying: “Can you quickly find me a picture of a baboon’s bum?”

It’s all J-Lo’s fault

It all came about because I was writing a note on A&L’s new savings account for the weekly e-mail; here’s the note:

New Top Savings Accounts. 6.5% sounds good, but it isn’t for most
There’s a new top sounding rate offered by Alliance & Leicester* eSaver; it’s paying 6.5%, which sounds like a market leader; yet like a baboon, there’s a seriously big but(t). First of all, 0.35% of this is a bonus, and drops after fourteen months, plus if you withdraw money, you lose all the interest for that month. After number crunching, for almost everyone, the ICICI* clean savings account at 6.41% with a good rate guarantee until Dec 2011 is much better. Updated Article: Top Savings Accounts Related Articles: Regular Savings, Are your savings safe?

If you read it carefully, you’ll have seen the comment “yet like a baboon, there’s a seriously big but(t).” It’s the first time I’ve used the phrase, as I always used to say, “yet there’s a big but, a J-Lo sized but!” – because of course J-Lo’s one of the few people you could politely say this about as her bum’s a big positive. Yet that’s now become a bit hackneyed so I wanted something new.

The problem was, what to choose? I was going to say ‘like an elephant’ but while elephants have big bums, they have big everything. Then I thought about the red-bummed monkey I’d seen at the zoo and was pretty sure it was a baboon. Thus I asked Richard, who was in the office but not on panicked tip preparation status like the editorial team to search for a picture….

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PS Here’s the pic he found!

Baboon Bum