“A personal brand money site… it’ll never work!” Now they’re all at it.

When I set up this site in 2003, I remember a few industry voices said what’s the point of what they called “a personal brand money site”. At the time, this high falutin’ title seemed a bit much; I wasn’t setting up a specific branded site, I was setting up a glorified home page I ran by myself, to support my print and broadcast work as Money Saving Expert.

Now, four years later, and with this site the UK’s biggest money site, it’s interesting to see it’s become all the rage. All the big faceless money sites have suddenly sprouted pictures of ‘experts’ on their front pages. Go to MoneySupermarket and you’ll see Stuart and Richard, two of the Directors with their pics there, ready to help. Uswitch hired the former boss of Energywatch to front some of their e-bulletins and work on consumer policy, and the trend continues on other sites too; it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

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