Urgent schedule changes don’t make for good digestion!

Today was supposed to be a day to tick some things off my To-Do list as well as doing Moneybox Live on Radio 4. Yet all that changed. About an hour ago I took a call from ITV1 Tonight; the Supermarket Cheap programme going out this Friday has been moved to this evening; as understandably ITV want to do a rugby special on Friday for before the big game.

Yet this means everyone is on major panic stations. We have to arrange the voiceover and try to get that done in time; even though I have other things booked. More difficult though is that this means my input on the final version of the programme has decreased. Normally I would get to see a copy of the script and rough cut of the programme to make my changes, amendments, suggestions and generally kick up a big fuss if I don’t like things.

Not this time. The script has arrived, I don’t have a copy of the programme and I’m trying to go through it. This is one of the issues with television. While the public see me presenting it; and it’s based on my techniques and ideas; there’s also a team putting the programme together, and when the time limits are slammed short, I lose quite a level of input, which is frustrating.

Having been through the script, the mainstay of the programme, about the Downshift Challenge looks like it will be great. Yet, as always, there are some things I feel are missing and other bits that I don’t think should be included. The difference is today I only have the option of changing my script (which is something as a control freak I almost always totally redo) so those bits and changes won’t happen. Having said all that I hope (and think) the programme is good to watch… yet this time I’ll only find that out when you do!

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