No more Yellow Pages/Phone Books please!

I love a Freebie, but I’m getting fed up of the Yellow Pages and The Phone Book being sent to my house. They appeared again this week, these two big anachronistic catalogues lumped outside the front door; each made from half a forest worth of paper. Yet I haven’t opened one in at least three years- after all there’s this wonderful thing called the internet that I use for Directory Enquiries and other search, and it’s all free too.

My issue isn’t that they shouldn’t print it, as I know many do like it. It isn’t even that it shouldn’t be distributed automatically, as if you had to order it many, especially more vulnerable people, who use it wouldn’t get it. My suggestion would be that like some commercial catalogues, if you don’t take it inside, then after a few days they come and collect it away. Using this system with a staggered delivery pattern, it could then be given to someone else in the area. Saving the environment, and saving clutter on many doorsteps.

Do you use the Yellow Pages/Phone Book or is it a waste of space for you too?

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